Perpetual License?

Will there ever be an option for a one-time purchase of the Pro Version?

I don’t mind spending $40-$60 to support a software, but I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT purchase a subscription. I prefer the piece of mind knowing I own the software, let alone not having my payment information exposed on the internet.

Call me old-fashioned if you will, but I would love to see that as an option

A Lifetime Subscription (or Perpetual License) would be possible if literally no new ARGB devices ever come out from now to the end of time. But considering there are new ones at least twice a year from each manufacturer and they usually need to be purchased to support them (and to pay for someone to add support, eat, have a place to sleep, etc). In other words this is not a supportable business model for the previously mentioned concerns. We are looking at potentially allowing users to purchase lifetime licenses for effects, fan control, game integrations but I have no ETA on that or if it will actually happen.

I was suprised to see this as a subscription instead of one-time purchase. Please create an option for those of us would prefer to buy the software once. Most software providers include options for both types of purchases, so I don’t think this is much of a stretch. I would buy it instantly when it becomes available.

Thanks in advance!