All RGB N/Off, keybind/shortcut/key?

Hi guys,

Dose the app have anywhere when one can turn all RGB On/Off, if no, can I go and suggest that?

If yes, where might this setting be? And can one bind that function to keys for faster access and less clicks?

Hi, @Arelius

We have a effect called “Good night”, check the “Macro” menu, you can create a macro to enable and disable the effect.

Ah ok thnx, that is a pro feature yes? Is there anyway one can have a trail for pro? That feature alone I think I buy pro but would like to try Pro out before comitting fully to it though.

ANyways, thnx again!

Yeah, one you complete the startup guide, there should be a prompt for you to try PRO features for free for 10 days.


IIRC it’ll ask for payment info but you won’t be charged unless you let those 10 days pass without cancelling.

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Maybe I missed it last time, now I got it, 10 days trail started and counting :wink: