Signalrgb PRO issues

Hi guys,

Just installed it and I love it. So much so I want to go pro for the whole year except, the website doesn’t let me. You can pay either witth CC or PayPal and PayPal just does not give in.

Is there someone of the support staff who can help me with this?

Thanks in advance


it’s a known issue and being worked on,

if the payment worked but you don’t see your Pro status in the app, please email
they can help with that as I cannot unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick reply but it didn’t work. Tjen for now back to all my bloatware until it is fixed. I had trial and that skipped me as well :smile:

Still nothing. This is a real shame. It just doesn’t let users experience the full package which is dumb. If they’re buzy with the problem they should solved it by now

head here and ping @FzR dontdie he will assist

I’ve pinged @FzR_dontdie_x already, hope he can jump in and help out.