Price of signal rgb

MONTHLY PAY :disappointed:Make a free version for this because once govee will release their gaming box next year it will be more worth its since its one time pay for example stream labs made it monthly pay and all but you can get points and by the time at the end you can claim infinite stream labs acces

SignalRGB is free for basic use, if you want extended features like Cooling, Game Integrations, Macros and the upcoming network backend, you’ll have to go Pro.

Developers have to be paid, or would you work for free?

Well you can make a points to get like a extra month of pro or something cuz one time pay is enough for a bug company

Something like that simply won’t happen, if you want Pro features, subscribe when there’s discounts (usually several times a year).

The issue here is that SignalRGB isn’t some big company that can write off not needing a monthly subscription service. Its still relatively small in comparison to other companies that make bank daily.

There isn’t any forcing users to pay for pro, but it does help signalRGB to support more devices and pay employees.

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