Where is support? Is this company still in business?

Does this company provide support here? I see a large and growing number of questions with no response from the company. Starting to regret paying for this and will be requesting a refund.


They have been helping me since day one, My problem is a little complicated but they are trying and keep providing suggestions and we make progress. For me the software is working great, Best RGB yet but just having a few networking issues which they are assisting in resolution. I tried 4 other RGB control programs nothing compared to SignalRGB

Your experience appears unique. Look at the forum - it’s filled with unanswered support requests.

I requested a refund per the refund policy and never got a reply or a refund. I’m starting the fraud/non-delivery filing process with my bank to get a charge back going and a complaint to their payment processor.

Buyers beware - they do not answer support requests and they will not refund your money in line with their published refund policy.

They have been responding to me we don’t have a solution just yet but making progress.

Sorry for the late reply, we are currently at one person to do tickets and help on forum, that one is me hahaha

I believe I have went through your request this morning, check your inbox.

40.00 per year seems ridiculous. But I just paid it because with all the crappy rgb software out there I kept saying… why doesn’t someone make a good one and sell it.
40 bucks ONE TIME would be more than fair. I don’t mine paying it once but I won’t renew. I also have no interest in the pro features I got by paying. I’d rather see it be one time 20.00 and maybe 20 + 10 bucks a year to renew.

I just asked several questions. I’ll see how long it takes. I’m still in 10 day trial. it is the best and I don’t mind paying for it once.