Lian Li Controller TimeOut ? LibUsb Error

Hello there,

In order to have less managment software for my setup i decided to go Pro with SIgnal Rgb to control my 6 AL120 Fan.
I use the lian li controller and it gets detected well by signal.

But after some time (random, can be 10 seconds or 1 minute) i ear a disconnect reconnect sound then the fans get stuck in the last color, stop handling pwn speed and console return libusb_error_io.

This was happening in my last motherboard X570 based and recently changed for a B550 and it still doing the same.

Didn t install the lian li software btw.

Am i alone? :slight_smile:

You most definitely aren’t alone :smile:

I wish there was a single factor to pin it on but the truth is there’s multiple possible points of failure.

The usual checklist:

  • Update your BIOS
  • Install the latest chipset drivers (from AMD’s website in your case)
  • Install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes
  • Try plugging the controller to a different USB 2.0 internal header (especially relevant if your mobo is Gigabyte)
  • If the controller is sharing the same USB 2.0 header with another device via passive (not powered) splitter, try using the header just for it or get a powered USB internal hub
  • Rearrange your USB devices connected to all USB ports in a different order.
  • Get a USB internal to USB A adapter and plug the controller to a port in the Back IO panel.