Lian Li SL V2 only 6 out of 4 working

Hello! Loving the software so much on my new gaming PC! Having two issues that I just need to fix to make things perfect which is adding support to my old H100i series (request submitted, fingers crossed) and my other issue which doesn’t make sense to me.

I have two sets of Lian Li fans (each set is 3 fans connected together) and the two sets are daisy chained with the Lian Li cable. A single cable is connected on Channel 1 on the Lian Li controller. All LEDs are working fine without any issues using L-connect 3 software, all fans firmware has been updated to v0.7.

The problem is: after adding the LED counts in SignalRGB, I can control only 4 fans out of the 6 fans connected. I CANNOT make the last 2 fans work on signalRGB at all.

Hopefully the images can show the problem. Has anyone encountered this issue before? I know from my search that the Lian Li controller is really really bad.

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And here’s the software config page, indicating that all fans are added.

Reminder that the led fans is working without issues with the Lian Li software

Ok I have solved the problem, and I’m putting the solution here for anyone’s having the same issue.

After it bugged me so much, I’ve tried so much to solve it, I uninstalled SignalRGB and went back to L-connect, which btw stopped functioning completely, not even the CPU temps were reading and the LEDs wasn’t controllable, but for some reason I have enabled LED’s on Ch2 through the software, just my hands were clicking things in frustration. I’ve re-installed L-connect 3 again and it worked again, that’s when I found the solution.

Turns out, you need to enable fan LEDs through the L-connect 3, close it and then open SignalRGB and enable it through ch1 and ch2.

Keep in mind, I have tried the solution with daisy chain the 2 sets, and it still didn’t work. The solution that worked for me is connecting 3FANs in ch1 and ch2 and using SignalRGB for control.

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Can you post a picture of how you enabled LED’s on channel 1 and 2?