Lian-Li SL Infinity controller and SignalRGB

I have recently managed to get Signal RGB working and while it is doing a useful job I cannot use any of the more animated colour schemes because the effects do not happen quickly enough. I suspect that the Lian-Li controller itself is probably the problem, however the fans I have feature a proprietary cable connector.

The Ram, Mouse, Headphones and mouse mat work fine and seem to update quickly the rest does not. I have two lots of 3 SL infinity fans connected to to channel 1 and 3 of the controller. I then have the Pump from my AIO and the front strip on my case plugged into the RGB ports on my Lian-Li controller too.

I thought about removing those last two and connecting directly to the motherboard. Also I had a controller with each set of three Fans and I only used one, so I could put each set of three on their own controller. The alternative might be to get a better controller. I wondered if anyone else had encountered the issue and has recommendations about how to resolve it?

Lian Li controllers (all of them!) are known to be really slow, reason is:
They’re just meant to be used with L-Connect to just “play back” predefined effects
instead of being used for direct realtime control like SignalRGB does.

If you have a second controller, it will help for sure to use the following setup
and connect anything else to your mainboard or other supported controllers:

  • 3 fans daisy chanined on channel 1 on the first controller
  • 3 fans daisy chanined on channel 1 on the second controller

The frame rate will not sky rocket, but it should be way less laggy.

Many thanks, I had that feeling! Will give that a try and see what happens. It’s a shame all controllers seem to be tied to particular eco systems! At least signaI makes having static colours easy to change which is a first!