Lian Li fan controller not showing up

I installed 4 Lian Li AL120 V2 fans in my PC and I have them connected to the controller that they came with. They can be controlled perfectly fine with the L connect software, so I know they’re working right. But I can’t get the controller to show up at all in devices on the Signal app. Even going to settings and device information, it shows “LianLi-UNI FAN-AL V2-v0.4” with a grayed out exclamation point, and it says they’re not supported. Is it because they’re the V2? I’m also confused why I can’t get the controller to show up at all.

Yeah AL V2 controller isn’t supported yet.
AFAIK devs are working on it but it isn’t quite finished yet.

In the L-Connect software, there’s a toggle to sync to the motherboard. Toggle that on, then make sure you turn off the boot on startup option for the L-Connect software.

Head into the SignalRGB software. You’ll have to add four fan profiles for each of the fans you added, but at that point you’ll be able to tune them as you want. Look for the blinking in the color that matches the appropriate channel for your motherboard. Add the fan profiles to that channel.