SignalRGB and windows 11 memory integrity

Hi there,

I seem to have a issue with this on my machine. I noticed windows 11 security showing a warning triangle. It complained that memory integrity was off.

I turned it back on and reset. Then I noticed SignalRGB was not working. I had not realised it was related so I rebooted. This time SignalRGB was working, but the yellow warning was back. Turn it on again and reboot and SignalRGB would not run.

Looks like SignalRGB is doing something that the memory integrity checks do not like. I’m not sure if this has a solution or whether it is something that needs to go in a git issue somewhere for future exploration?

I’m running Windows 11 without any issues,
@Heal-Bot might need to look at your specific case.

Have you got memory integrity turned on?

Need to check that after work, if it’s on by default, I don’t remember turning it off at all,
if it’s not on by default might not have enabled it.

It’s not on by default… I think. It does moan at you though.

You may find it a challenge to turn on though if your drivers are not up to date. It can be a pain!

I just tested 2.2.29 (current public release) and the 2.2.30 beta branch with memory integrity on and had no issues with ram or gpu detection/control.

@tre4b Can you elaborate on what “SignalRGB was not working” means, and post the newest log file from documents/whirlwindfx/logs?

When i have memory integrity on SignalRGB does not run at all. It simply wont start at all.

When i reboot Signal RGB runs however then the memory integrity complains that it is off and shows a yellow triangle. Next boot memory integrity will work again and signalRGB will fail to start again.

I didn’t even know this setting existed. I’m running Windows 11 Pro and just checked. “Memory integrity” is currently turned on. I installed SignalRGB 2.2.29 yesterday so I’ve only been using it one day. I’m not sure if I’m just lucky that I haven’t run into an issue, but it seems to be working so far.

I’ve checked my settings, memory integrity is enabled and I never ever had a problem with SignalRGB, no idea why it’s not working for you.

Stange. Its probably down to one of the devices then. Im using an MSI motherboard and lianli controllers. My rough guess would be the latter…

I recently found out that it is better to turn on the memory integrity on core isolation - windows security as part of stardard security stuff. However I cannot turn it on because of the incompatible drivers.

Should I delete those drivers or should I let memory integrity off?

no replyyy..?? is this forum active.…?

If you can find up to date drivers that is best though if you are not using the drivers then delete them. I found that the drivers added if you plug a Samsung phone into your PC are not compatible, but those were the only ones I had. Initially I had problems with SignalRGB, but now it all just seems to work fine with the integrity on.

Best to have it on if you can as it does put another barrier in to those trying to abuse your machine.