RAM RGB not being detected since last SignalRGB update

On version 2.3.0 + b77df622 the rgb in my RAM sticks is no longer detected in SignalRGB.
Rolling back to version @ f5a6db1d instantly picks my RAM again.
Can we get a fix for this? SignalRGB keeps on automatically updating to the broken version, so I have to roll back every 2 days or so.

Mobo: Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master
RAM: Kingston Hyper Fury DDR5 (2x 16GB)

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Have the same issue as well after the new update (we have the same RAM as well). When I restart my pc or the app, my RAM gets either picked up by the app or not and it is random.

Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Z790 Elite AX
RAM: Kingston Hyper Fury DDR5 (4x 8GB) (KF552C40-8)


Good point, I’ll also add my wmic output for completion sake:

Could we at the very least get a setting to disable automatic updates? SignalRGB again installed this new broken version on startup.

while this known issue gets fixed you might want to delete/move update.exe in signal’s install dir after you roll back

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The same problem here. Only one of two Kingston ram could be detected after the new update was installed.

Same issue with my Kingston modules. Sometimes both are detected, sometimes only one and sometimes none

Did y’all get 2.3.3 update? apparently that fixed some kingston ram issues, or so it seems by what discord ppl say.

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Can confirm version 2.3.3 + f9af528b has fixed the issue for me.
Thanks for the heads-up!

Nope its still the same but little bit improved. Detects when launched with administrator option but restarting the pc leads to the same problem

Confirmed also for me, back to normal after the new update. Thank you!
version: 2.3.3+f9af528b

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