Software does not start with windows

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make signalRGB start with the system, but I’m not succeeding. I have already selected all possible options for it to start minimized. I have to start it by hand every time to synchronize the rgb’s.

Can someone help me?

If this

is enabled, disable it.
If it’s already disabled, enable it, quit signal, run it again and disable it again.
That should do it in most cases.

I’m not clear about what you mean by “disable it”. I have tried setting RGB to run as admin and NOT as admin and neither way does it start with logging in to Windows. I also put a shortcut for it into the startup folder, marked as “run as admin”. No luck here on Windows 11. Folder protection is not complaining. I do NOT have memory protection on. I AM able to click on the RGB start menu object and get it to “run as admin”. But a system restart does not auto-run it when I login.