SignalRGB doesn't open anymore


I have been using signalrgb for a long time, but now it doesn’t open anymore, sometimes it happened that it didn’t open and I had to kill the “SignalRGB core” process and reopen it, but now that doesn’t work either.

Same issue here, 2.2.32 works fine, but can’t open 2.3.0 at all…

I managed to understand that it’s Windows Defender that blocks startup, if I deactivate the signalRgb protection for a moment it starts.

But I can’t add it as an exclusion, does anyone know how I should do this?

I set a rule to Allow, in Norton 360, it still isn’t loading. Stuck on the splash screen that says “creating core”.

Having kind of the same problem here. It will start, but when I click on it in the taskbar, SignalRGB then opens the screen, immediately freezes and then restarts.

I recently performed a hard reset as some of my apps were malfunctioning, thought SignalRGB was crashing because of it. Did every possible remedy and even did a bios reset but no luck. It detects one of my two rams, sometimes both and sometimes none. A big loading screen pops up on boot (which did not before) minimizes to system tray but crashes everytime when it is opened. Have to kill the process from taskmanager to open it manually but the issue stays

Signal RGB is constantly restarting w/o showing the splash screen. When I totally uninstall and reiinstall it works fine. When I enter my credetials for the account it never can start again