ROG Strix X570-F Gaming MOBO freaks out on shut down? some other issues too


My friend has my old hardware so I am trying to help him out. The motherboard seems to freak out and flash when I shut the computer down, and the keyboard and other devices stay lit completely but use what iCue had set? I am trying to get him to completely remove it, but unfortunately signal does not have the same features, and it’s needed to do firmware updates etc. I have him close it down and close all services so it SHOULD not be an issue, BUT something is happening on shut down. is there a way to get it all to just go dark / off on shutdown? once the computer shutdown even with icue stuff not even running, it seems to freak out.

Thanks in advance.

Enable “ErP compliance” in BIOS options, that will shutdown everything when shutting down the PC.

ok, btw once he uninstalled icue, the ram stopped being detected by the software. any idea why? or how to get it to work again? it worked fine with it installed but closed lmao. corsair dominator RGB ram

Latest bios and chipset drivers helps a lot here.
Grab and flash the latest stable Bios from the Asus support website and the latest chipset drivers directly from AMD: