Asus GFX default raindow after sleepmode

Im with a “Asus ROG Strix 3080TI O12G Gaming” on a “Asus ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI Controller” and my gfx reverts to default-rainbow after windows sleepmode.
Switching off/on the device gets it back working.

Could you implement an option to default restart a/the device after sleepmode, which would work as a workaround? Better would be of course finding the real culprit…

ps: Im having this behaviour since I started using signalRGB, not just since the recent update, unlike my recent nanoleaf problem.

Does issue this still happens?

Yes, it hasnt changed.

Are you using a custom plugin? We don’t have this behavior on our 3070 and 4090 Strix cards.
Check your usb page here

No, I dont use plugins. I have the nanoleaf addon, but turning it off doesnt do any difference.

In the debug-window, i only can tell that there is 0% failure rate on the gfxcard.

Is there any chance a restart-option after sleepmode could be implemented? Maybe as an option for single devices.

Can you check on your card if your Shutdown mode is set to “SignalRGB” instead of “Hardware” and see if that changes the behavior?

It was on SignalRGB, changed it to hardware-mode - didnt solve the problem. Changed it back to SignalRGB.

But I noticed something during testing:

First, I said Sleepmode, maybe thats incorrect. Im on a german windows and it says “Energie sparen” what translates to “save energy”. But it turns off the pc, leaving just the ram powered, waking windows up in 5sec with a keypress or mousemove.

Second, I watched the gfx closely while switching the gfx to hardware/restarting signal/sleepmode and back to signal:
The pc is dark, while everything comes back on, the gfx gets signals color for half an second, then goes into raindbowmode.

My guess is, that there must be software interferring and, maybe while trying to take control sets it to default rainbow.

This does not happen on a normal startup.

I have both asus amory crate and corsairs icue installed, but told signal to block things like icue.exe and lightningservice.exe. But Icue is deactivated in autostart and lightningservice doesnt appear at all.

I have to have them installed to keep my devices up to date :-/