Cannot add any devices on motherboard

I had SignalRGB Pro setup perfectly and wroking fine. Then I installed the new version of armory crate (brand new april 2023 release) to firmware upgrade my Chackram X mouse. I then used the Amory crate uninstall tool and somehow all of the devices attached to my motherboard in SignalRGB have dissappeared. Problem is I don’t remember what selections I used when setting it up as this was a custom build so I wasnt sure of brand names and such. But it was working great. Now nothing can be seen connected to my motherboard. Nothing flashes if you use that little tutorial setup. I tried every brand avaiable on all 3 headers i could select and nothing lights up. Not the waterblock on the CPU, the AOI ring, nothing connected to the mobo. I dont know what happened?

I have the Asus ROG Strix Z790 - E Gaming Wifi. Can anyone help? I was loving! it I REALLY don’t want to just give up and settle with armory crate. Please help! Thanks in advance!

There’s a couple things I’d check.

Sometimes when uninstalling armoury crate aura gets turned off in BIOS (like wtf) so check it’s ON. If that’s not it, I’d recommend triple checking AC didn’t set your motherboard headers to GEN 2 mode like it’s been found to love doing behind ppls back.

Vermis…I could kiss you! This new version of Amory Crate DOES in fact disable Aura RGB in the BIOS on the way out. Very Naughty.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my request for help. You solved my problem entirely and I am grateful.

Thanks again!

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