My LEDs stay on after the PC is turned off

Hi everyone, I have one problem with Signal RGB : the LEDs plugged on my motherboard remain lit, frozen on the last effect in progress in signalRGB.

My supported config :
Gigabyte Aorus Elite B550M
2 ram corsair vengeance DDR4 RGB
1 NZXT Lift Mouse

I uninstalled ICUE and RGBFusion.
I tried to switch the shutdown color to black but nothing helps.
Only the fans connected to the motherboard are impacted, the RAM leds turn off well…

By the way, it also happens that once out of 2 the RAM are not detected by SignalRGB… but that’s another topic…

Has anyone an idea ?

You can set your shutdown color on Signal or enable ErP on the BIOS, that will turn off the leds

The ERP shut down all for sure. Thanks for the advice.
But i wished find why this happens :wink: