SignalRGB is not able to properly shutdown my Motherboard leds (ASRock X670E Steel Legend)


I’ve noticed that Signal RGB is not able to properly shutdown my onboard LEDs on my ASRock X670E Steel Legend, and whatever else is connected to my ARGB headers. When I turn off the PC, motherboard leds will shine blue light.

I have disabled the setting that LEDs should be turned on after shutdown, but there is zero difference.

I have also confirmed that the Signal RGB is the culprit. If I manually turn off the motherboard LEDs in the BIOS, they will stay correctly off even when shutting down the PC, but once I launch SignalRGB, then the same thing will start happening again. And when I disable the motherboard in the SignalRGB, then it will also start working correctly.

This looks like SignalRGB has some improper shutdown behavior.

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Ah, just as I have written this post, I have found the culprit, so I will leave it here in case anyone has this issue. There is a dedicated shutdown color for each device, which you have to set to black.

Also, a gentle nudge to the developers, I don’t think that this should be on by default.

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