White Box / White Window / Not Responding

Hello there!
I hav a bit bigger problem with my Signal RGB.
First of:
I had Signal RGB for quite a time now and the problem startet in December.

I have Signal RGB in Auto-Start, so it starts right away when i boot up my PC.
The Only Programs i am using wich could interfeer is NZXT but i need it for My AIO.
I have 8 Fans and all of them are the Corsair QL all controlled with two Corsair Lightning nodes.
My RAM is the GSKILL Trident Z RGB.
And i also have a Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 ( 3x 8PIN) wich is Controlled by my Motherboard.

The Main Problem:
I have to say its like a half half chance to get this for me.
So its all starts up automaticly like i sayed and it stays in the System Tray.
Then when i want to Open it all i get is a Small Whit window or Box wich says “Not Responding” at the top.
Then a little window pops up saying that SinalRGB is not reponding and i can close the app or wait for a reaction

No matter how long i wait, it always stay there is no response.

I reinstalled it like four to five times now but the problem never stays away.

All i can say it sucks because ii like SIgnal RGB a lot and i hope you all can find a sulution.

Sorry for the Bad english, im german and not the best in english.