Worked forever. Suddenly wont start

Ive used SignalRGB for years now and all of the sudden the program wont even start. I just get a stupid splash screen that sits there and spins and the program itself shows up and disappears over and over in the task manager. The only change I made was a new hard drive. Never had a hangup with any of my RGB components. Gskill RGB Ram, Corsair Fans, Wraith Prism Cooler, Aorus 3080 LCD and Corsair light strips. No issues ever. What just happened? I cant even find an old version of the program anywhere to see if you guys botched your code. Which is still my guess. What do you got to help with your suddenly completely broken program?

Same here. Something is wrong. Just constant splash screen. Nothing loads. You can kill the SignalRgbSplash in task manager, but it doesn’t change.

Also really sucks when the update button does nothing.

I dont get it. I NEVER had even the slightest problem so I am trying to not get too worked up but wtf

same here. I haven’t even changed anything

SRGB can be working perfectly, then it updates itself, which you CAN NOT STOP IT FROM DOING… It introduces new bugs and problems.

There is no way to “roll back” to a previous version, nowhere to download previous versions, and no previous versions available anywhere on the Internet that I could find with EXTENSIVE searching. I asked SRGB for a previous version, and no response.

Not that a previous version would help. I rolled back my system to a previous state before a mandatory update, and SRGB worked perfectly for about 2 hours, before it updated to a new version and killed itself again.

Turning off the Interneett, or firewalling SRGB will not work as EVERYTHING is web based, even the effects you “downloaded”. Try for yourself, turn off your Internet and try to get to your “Installed” effects.
SRGB’s interface is nothing mopre than a wer browser. Right click on the interface and you get a web browser context menu, save images as, reload page ect…

Pro tip, you CAN stop it from updating!..go to your %localappdata% folder by using Win+R and typing in the run box %localappdata% and hit enter. Explorer will open to your localappdata folder. Scroll down to “VortxEngine” Folder (“C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VortxEngine”) and open that folder, inside you wil find potentially quite a few things, but i want you to ignore it all for the time being and just locate the file/app called “Update.exe” inside the VortexEngine Folder. Take that fine, and delete it, then confirm your trash is cleared. Thats it, you’re now done ever getting anymore signalrgb updates. Find a build that works well for you, delete that file, and you the app will no longer be able to update its self ANY time it launches, but it will still be able to access online and function normally. All webapps use that update.exe to constantly maintain simple updates, see discord for example…which is great, caues it meants it has almost nothing to do with how the applications work, and just checks and performs updates as needed on launches…SO if you remove that one file from VortexEngine folder, you no longer get updates. i Used the same version for over a year cause they screwed up the liighting on my motherboard that waws working fine. I kept submitting requests to have it fixed, and even gave them the exact simple solution that was needed. All they had to do with first 1 line of code 30 characters long on one of their device plugins .json files, they dont have my mobo, the asus max. hero z790, listed on the .json files anymore ever since an upate over a year ago. I found the problem fast enough, and fixed it myself, but they kept fuckin updating shit and everytime it would replace the .json file that I manually added my Mobo to and with the correct rgb header counts with their own again that still didnt have my mobo listed anymore. Literally fixed that shit myself at least once a month, usuallyt more than that though, for over a year, while sending them all sorts of attempted communications telling them to please fix it and even HOW TO DO SO WITH ONE LINE OF CODE, but they STILL havent fixed it. I finally learned I could delete that Update.exe file 2 months ago, and havent had to replace that .json sense or deal with any updates at all for the app, just runs the way i want it to, so fuck them, i tried to help them, was even kind and patient for a year, but clearly these assclowns either have zero fucking clue what they are doing, or are just dropping the fucking ball BIG TIME in regards to their customer service side of the business. Cant imagine a couple of douchy guys willing to hack rgb protocols and devices so us consumers no longer have to deal with these companies and their god awful, shitty bloatware, and jsut enjoy the freedom of using the deviced we paid for how we want to…only to quickly turn around almost immedately as their stuff starts working well enough to use and want to charge for it…cant be the best fuckin people…Im going to take a really strong guess that they are chilling, enjoying their money with absolutely zero fucks given to what is happening now…hopefully they see why that isnt sustainable soon before they lose it all, money and business.

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Fantastic! Thank you! I found the update.exe and just renamed it to UpdateDISABLED.exe in case for some unknown reason I would need it.

NOW, if I could just find a version of SRGB Before the end of May when they screwed upo so many peoples systems! I am VERY tech savy, and can not, ANYWHERE on SRGS’s site, or ANYWHERE on the web find and older version of SRGB

PS: MANY Thanks for the help, but WOW that block of text post above was a struggle to read! Try breaking that into a few paragraphs next time :wink: