Does anyone PLEASE have an older version of SignalRGB?

The mid may of 2024 version refuses to work on my PC. Everything was fine till it automatically updated without asking. I Uninstalled, reinstalled over and over, cleaned all references to SRGB in the registry nothing works.

All 4 sticks of RAM and 9 fans are all stuck on white, and I can not turn them off without installing MSI afterburner and 2 other RGB programs. SO MUCH bloatware!

I will have to install an older version and act QUICKLY& before in updatres itself. I can’t turn off Internet, as everything, all settings, colors, themes are cloud based and nothing is saved locally. If you don’t beleive me, turn ofdf you Internet, then try to change a preset that you have “installed”.

I need an older version of SRGB so I can simply turn off all my fans and RAM till I can figure this out. I submiotted a bug report, logs, and full details and have yet to hear anything back.

I have googled,’d till I am blue in the face and can not find a single olderversion of signalRGB anywhere.

Any help is greatly appreciatred.

Did you find one? From what I have found the newer version doesn’t work for anyone. There are so many findings saying the exact same thing.

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Unfortunately no. I downloaded OpenRGB. It is a work in progress, but it works on my system. I like the fact that I do not need Internet for it to work. My internet is not the greatest for reliability. When it is down, SRGB will not let you view any themes to switch to them, as it is 100% internet based. Do a right click on any SRGB page and you will get the same context menu as a web browser LOL