Sophos False Positive

Hi i got what i think is a false positive with my Sophos antivirus:

Lockdown’ exploit prevented in SignalRgb Core

I probably shouldn’t be worried about it, but if someone can check and somehow report it to Sophos from the developers team.

It’s absolutetly a false positive but it’s because of understandable overzealousness on sophos part.

I googled a bit a found a form where you can submit files for them to analyze, unfortunately signalrgb core (signalrgb.exe) is 71MB and sophos’s form only allows 25MB max.

They themselves recommend checking their results against virustotal in this support article, so I’d do that if I were you.

Yes I did that thanks :face_with_monocle: , just wanted to let developers know, and if there’s a way to tell the Sophos people there wrong and fix it, false positives can be extremely alarming for other users.