Latest update flagged and quarantined

Kaspersky just quarantined the latest updated and i cannot tell it to ignore it, it continues to quarantine


What happened guys?



Same here, it seems that it started to happen with version 2.3.74 or 2.3.75, i treid to reinstall signalrgb version 2.3.68 with an old installer and it worked fine so im guessing it will be fixed in an update.
Or it’s just a problem with Kaspersky

It works now i don’t know what i did

Same here, an update they did is flagging as Trojan UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic

We are aware of this and already talked to Kaspersky, it’s a false-positive, should be fixed soon if not already.

Yes mine has since been updated I believe. Obviously after I reinstalled, lost all settings sadly. But that’s on me I should of backed up settings