Kaspersky - Trojaner

Hallo !
My Kaspersky is deleting SignalRGB as an trojaner when an update is installed automaticly.
What can i do ?


This is a false positive, I submitted to their opentip to help clear this false positive. In the meantime you could add %localappdata%\VortxEngine to the ignored folder list of Kaspersky.

OK, but it’s not just Kaspersky. I get these alerts all the time from Windows 11 Security Center, as well as from Emsisoft Security suite. Either SignalRGB doesn’t have its Certificates up to date, or there are holes in your code that lead it to be flagged. The solution isn’t for us to just ignore it, it is that you need to fix whatever the problem is. Getting flagged like this isn’t “normal” behavior for software, it’s a sign that something needs to be corrected by the Dev team.

Every software suite (and many single apps too) I have running is connected to webservers and communicate with them frequently. They don’t get flagged! Maybe once, but by the next update that gets taken care of. This would include Adobe CC, (plus several paid plugins), Autodesk 3D software (also with several paid plugins), Office 360… Hardly anything runs entirely via a “local” license anymore, and yet I never run into false alerts or false flags, all except SignalRGB, which happens on a monthly basis at least.

It’s to the point I’ve disabled it for now even though I have a year license. Until the code is cleaned up, I can’t risk having software running that isn’t reliable because this a PC I rely on for income.