Failure to restart light routines upon waking PC

I have Windows 11. Any time my PC enters sleep mode the aRGBs turn off as you’d expect. When I end it’s sleep mode I have to restart SignalRGB just in order to reinitiate my set lighting routines. I find it quite annoying. It caused me to stumble across a bug with Windows too as when clicking the hidden icon pop-up and restarting SignalRGB sometimes causes the hidden Icon popup to fail to auto-close.

I am wondering if anyone else runs into this. Is this a bug? It seems like poor design for an intended feature. It’s the only real issue Ive found with SignalRGB.

If its a problem exclusive to myself I can do further troubleshooting to figure it out. Yet that’s a pain Id rather avoid if its just a standard issue.

I have the same issue, I don’t think it is a bug it’s probably just how the software runs

Well that’s dumb. Makes me wanna disable power saving options on my PC. Which is quite a waste since Now I have a load of LEDs using up even more power on PC idle. XD

Couldn’t they integrate pc mode detection into the software? Seems silly not to.

At least they give you the restart option in the taskbar icon.
Ill repost suggestions in the appropriate forums then.