Reset/bug after wake up sleep mode (windows 11)


Always when my pc goes into sleep mode and then i comeback to wake up my pc, my components (only the fans) resets and become rainbow and Signalrgb doesn’t recognize my components anymore (the fans) even if i reconfigure my components (only for the fans) since im a signalrgb Pro i get a notification that the sensor fan are unavailable (for the fan curve) and in the cooling section it said “no supported fan device detected”. When its like that i need to restart my pc for everything to comes back in order. One good solution is to quit SignalRGB before sleep mode but i forget about that a lot of time.

Anyway it is a known issue? If no then somebody can try to put pc in sleep mod without closing SignalRGB ? To see if im the only one with this little problem. (i’m on windows 11)

This is known and still work in progress.
There’s an option to reload devices in the SignalRGB settings, if that is set already there’s
nothing that could be done until the devs fully fix it.

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Ok its good to know at least that it is a known issue. Well in that case I can say that its a problem almost solved thanks for your answer. :+1:

Wow… :exploding_head: now with the last beta they have fixed the problem now when i wake up my pc from sleep mode every rgb work and comeback together!!! my problem is now resolved ! need to dowload the last beta in the discord server to try it. :ok_hand: