Display GIF in Lightscript?

I was excited to sync up all my RGB in one app. That’s fantastic. However, is there anyway to display a GIF in a custom Lightscript? I don’t have the expertise to create the type of GIF animation I want to display using JavaScript. The majority of people do not, as well. Most people are not expert front end developers. This requirement is completely unreasonable to me.

Furthermore, generating what I want to generate using JavaScript would be way too demanding for my computer, and I don’t want to run a complicated JavaScript program like that in the background. This is very impractical.

Is there any way to display a GIF with a custom Lightscript? If not, then this is kind of unusable, in my opinion, and I’ll probably switch back to iCue, which actually exhibits less CPU usage and can easily display gifs. So, this is not a good alternative.