LightScript Community Submissions

I did not see a LightScript that provided the effect I was looking for, so I created one.

I also did not see anything in the documentation about submitting community-developed LightScripts for consideration of inclusion, but I’d be happy to share it if you let me know the best way to send it to you.

It generates plasma/lava-lamp waves of color, and provides a number of built-in color palettes, random palettes, a custom color palette, and a number of other configuration options for the effect.

It appears SignalRGB does not support a “webgl” context for the canvas [even filters, like blur, cause a crash]. But, I’ve implemented something similar to a fragment shader in pure JavaScript, which might be useful as a reference of a little different way to do animations.

It’s possible there is already something similar in the “Pro” tier–I actually have zero RGB on my rig, but I’m building-out a new PC for my son that’s full of it.