How to test & use ligthscripts stored in Effects directory

I am reading the docs about lightscripts and that they are just webpages that need to be stored in Users/<user>/Documents/WhirlwindFX/Effects at least that is what the docs say.

So I copied one of the examples and created a “test.html” file in there. But How can I load that fille into signal rgb to test & use it? I’m not getting how this works and that’s where the docs definitly need improvement. How to test & use locally stored effects.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as just opening the test.html in Chrome did show a white page.

After putting the file, browse for your effect name, It won’t have a thumbnail, just a gradient one like this:

It should be noted that you have to restart signal RGB to make it show in the browse results, also sth that should be added to the developer docs

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I have updated the doc, thanks!