Support for Corsair AIO model H150i Elite

I have the Corsair H150i Elite 360mm AIO which is not supported in SignalRGB. this is NOT the Cappelix model. It did not come with RGB fans and only the pump has RGB. I was able to control the pump LED’s in iCUE but now that I am using Signal RGB IU have no control over the lights and it clashes with my other rgb devices


Same. Added a vote for this.

I have the Corsair H150i Elite LCD XT, the lights around the pump work perfectly but there does not appear to be a way to control the image/gif on the LCD. It seems it’s being added, to some degree, as in the SignalRGB software you can select “Elite LCD” for the “Pump Type”, when under the Corsair Commander Core settings. This leads me to understand that support for the LCD screen is there…but there does not appear a way to add the image/gif to the LCD. :frowning_face:

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I will call myself out, because the reason there were no effects in the LCD was because the “size” of the canvas was too large (?)…apparently anyways. I reduced it from 100 (theoretically 100%) down to 70, and now I can see the effects. That is really strange behavior, based on common settings & well, math. But it works and now I have effects.

I do not have a way to add my own images/gifs, however. So I will keep this voted up for more support on these LCD’s. Cheers!

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I have the same problem as you, when I run mine on the iCue software my H150i Elite LCD XT will show the temperature when my pc is up and running and when it’s in a soft shut down it shows my gif that I made from one of my games I would love to be able to see the temperature as it was showing the actual temp of the coolant and switch to show the temp of my cpu