SignalRGB v2.2.28.0 @ da1236e8

Program Changes

  • Reduced the AVX2 requirement to AVX
  • Fixed a crash when uploading an effect image.
  • Fixed an issue where you could change the current UI Page during the Macro’s Tour.

API Changes

  • Added device.getHidInfo() to fetch the currently selected Hid Endpoints Feature, Write, and Read lengths.

Device Updates

  • Improved detection of Hyper Fury DDR5 Ram.
  • Improved detection of Ampere/Lovelace Asus GPU’s

Corsair Commander Core XT

  • Fixed an issue where LED counts above 250 would stop updating properly.

Corsair K55 Pro XT

  • Fixed an issue where ISO specific key’s were offset and would conflict with the Numpad 8 Key’s lighting.

Crucial Ballistix Ram

  • Removed extra console logging.

Gigabyte Motherboards

  • Added B550M Aorus Pro Layout.

GMMK 2 and Pro

  • Fixed issue with down arrow key lighting on GMMK Pro Keyboards
  • Added VIA support to GMMK 2 and Pro Keyboards

Component Changes

  • Removed Duplicate DeepCool Castle EX Component

New Devices

  • Added support for the Alienware AW3281DW Thanks to Bruno St. John!
  • Added Thermaltake Led Boxes on Product Id’s 0x2267 and 0x232B

New GPU’s

  • Added support for Asus TUF 3090TI Gaming
  • Added support for Asus ROG Strix 4090 Gaming White OC