SignalRGB App gets picked up by NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Whenever I have the SignalRGB app open (not in the tray), it is picked up by the NVIDIA App as if it’s a game. This is probably due to the app having GPU hardware acceleration of some kind, but I don’t see an option to disable that, nor do I want to. However, this can cause a conflict when trying to record actual game footage using ShadowPlay, as in some cases it will just record the SignalRGB window instead of the game you’re playing.

My temporary fix for this was to use the NVIDIA Profile Inspector, and create a profile for “signalrgb.exe” and “signalrgblauncher.exe” with the property “0x809D5F60” modified to the value “0x10000000” which has been a known workaround to blacklist certain apps from ShadowPlay. Unfortunately however, with a recent driver update, this no longer appears to work. I’m aware the location of the .exe’s change with every SignalRGB update, and have updated NVIDIA Profile Inspector accordingly, with no luck. So I think it’s about time this gets investigated by the SignalRGB team so there’s a proper fix for this behaviour. I’ll be happy to provide any relevant logs on request. Thank you.

  • Software
    SignalRGB v2.3.78
    NVIDIA App (Beta, formerly known as GeForce Experience) v10.0.499/p
    GPU Driver version: Game Ready Driver v551.86
    Windows 11 Pro 23H2 build 22631.3374

  • Hardware
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700X
    RAM: Kingston Fury Beast 16GB (x2) 3200MHz KF3200C16D4/16GX
    GPU: Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX 3070
    Mobo: ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

This appears to have been an issue for quite some time now according to this message in the discord server from June 2022 [screenshot], but I wanted to make it a formal report so hopefully it gets some more visibility.