Gigabyte GeForce 4060 Ti Gaming OC 16Gb Support Added

Apologies for the length. Sometimes being an Engineer has its downfalls. 🤪

I found your program but it seems to be needing support added for the specific Gigabyte GeForce 4060 Ti Gaming OC 16Gb GPU as it is recognized and shows within Device Information, but it is not being made available in the Devices section under My Rig. I did a search of the forum to see if there was a similar issue and saw the other posts asking for added support of their versions of the Nvidia 4060 Ti GPUs. So after reviewing the other posts and downloading a couple of the JavaScript files provided, I tried the Gigabyte Master GPU script, placing it in the plug-ins folder as specified, but it didn't work. So I took a look at the scripts to see what they were doing, and how, and noticed that my specific Sub Device Id (0x4112) was not among the GigabyteMasterDeviceIds class list or within the GigabyteMasterGPuList class list. So I was wondering if I could add my GPU Sub Device Id (screenshot below) and specifics into the script lists (following the syntax of other added devices) so SignalRGB would be able to access them or if there is a bit more involved, your expertise to add support will be appreciated. 😉

One other thing I noticed when looking over the Gigabyte Master GPU script and looking at the Device Information within SignalRGB that had me wondering about something. When looking at the Addresses being assigned to my DDR5 RAM and looking at the script and how the addresses are assigned, one of my RAM devices is assigned to 0x71. I noticed that most of the Nvidia 40 series GPUs are assigned to the same address per the script. Is that going to be an issue or will the ENE_RAM script assign the RAM to another address from the pool of addresses checked for in potentialAuraAddresses within the ENERam class' Interface construct?

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4060 Ti OC 16Gb (SignalRGB Support Address Q)_1

Thank you for you assistance!!!

@djrah can you place the attachment on Plugins folder: and restart SignalRGB to see if it fixes?

Gigabyte_Master_GPU.js (31.9 KB)