MSI 4090 Suprim and aRGB cables to MB syncing with SignalRGB

I recently received the aRGB 5V cables from China to connect my MSI 4090 Suprim’s aRGB connectors to my motherboard so I can control them through SignalRGB. Does anyone have experience doing this properly that can advise me of the correct procedure so I don’t end up damaging my GPU or MB?

Message #tech-support

I was able to get this resolved using the Discord channel thanks to @mcmike14. For those wondering, the solution is to connect the two separate cable connections from the GPU (red & black) to the aRGB cables and then connect those two cables together using one male connector from one cable and one female connector from the other cable. Once those two cables are connected together, the remaining female aRGB connection is plugged into a single 5V aRGB connection on the motherboard. In SignalRGB config settings for the motherboard controller, using whichever channel you plugged the aRGB cable into (Channel 3 in my case) you create a custom LED strip using most likely between 10-20 LEDs until all of the LEDs are lit up (16 in my case for the MSI 4090 Suprim). Once this is done you can control the position, size, and orientation of the LED strip in Layouts just like any other device there.