MSI RTX 4090 (Suprim Liquid X) just a solid color?

I have an MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X. SignalRGB finds it, and I have assigned a single color. The card should allow for more than just one color, but I can’t figure out how to get that support working in SignalRGB. I’ve tried scaling the icon in the layout editor, but even if it’s huge, the whole thing just picks one color.

Thank you!

this is a limitation of our current MSI support unfortunately if you join our discord there are DIY cables you can make to adapter the cooler into a generic ARGB device

Ah thanks. I’ll just survive with the one color for now. I’m the kind of person who can break an anvil using only a feather pillow. Best stay out of DIY cable solutions :grin:

I have the same video card and it integrated right into my signalrgb without issue. the logo and the arrow shape around the fan changes colors.

Yeah, that’s correct. The issue is that the whole card is only one solid color at any given time. Sounds like it’s a known issue with a minor hardware work around to allow for gradients and things.

Hello sir, can you add me to the discord channel? I have the same issue with my MSI Suprim rtx 3080. I don’t know where to order the cables for modding and I also don’t know what specific name of the cable i should be looking for. I hope SignalRGB team fixes this issue. Your reply/invite will be very much appreciated. Thanks!