Microstutters in games with a Gigabyte 4090 Aorus master


I’m making a new thread because I never got any response to the old thread started by a different person.

The Microstutter issue is still present and occurs only after the PC has been on for a couple hours and signalrgb is the root issue.

My system:

windows 11
Signalrgb pro
4090 Gigabyte Aorus
Gigabyte X670E extreme
Gskill ddr5

What we already know:

After about 4 or 5 hours I get microstutters in every game. Last Epoch, Helldivers 2, Just cause 4 - essentially all 3D games. Also it appears these microstutters are getting worse as the time goes on, but that may subjective and Im not 100 sure here.

We also know that restarting signalRGB fixes the issue temporarily until another couple hours passed.

NEW findings:
Funny enough while playing helldivers 2 just now after having my PC on for awhile, the typical stutters occurred.
However, this time I didnt’ restart SignalRGB - I instead deactivated the Gigabyte 4090 device inside signalRGB and this also fixed the stutters! But re-enabling it instantly makes them come back as well.

If you need any help fixing this issue - Im more than willing. Logs etc I will provide it all if you actually fix this.


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Basically, my personal solution for the microstutter issues that imo works the best.

  1. Open signalrgb choose any theme that you like and apply it to all devices. My personal favourite is still the corrosive theme.

  2. Make sure you disable the GPU inside signalRGB and leave it permanently disabled to avoid any microstutters.

  3. Go to https://openrgb.org and grab that software. First time it runs it needs admin rights to scan all your devices.

  4. Choose a matching color/effect for your GPU that somewhat matches your signalRgB theme.

  5. Instead of just an applying the setting, OpenRGB is able to ‘save it’ directly to the device - ie the GPU. At this point you don’t need to run OpenRGB anymore at all. OpenRGB doesn’t need to run and the chosen color persists through rebooting!

Works for my Aorus Gigabyte 4090

(an alternative solution was to use signalRGB to set a shutdown color, and then enable and disable the GPU manually in signalRGB on each boot, but the above solution is way better. less clicks)