Z690 aorus logo and back leds not controllable - RTX neither

Hi. I have a Z690 aorus elite ax. I fail to control the Aorus logo and the back leds on the board with signal RGB. The software also don’t see my rtx 4080 fe. I can only control my rgb fans.
I precise that before to use this software I used to use RGB fusion since the mb is a gigabyte. But someday, du to a wrong manipulation I guess (might be because I try to istall CAM (nzxt) or something like that, RGB fusion wasn’t able to control anything else except the RTX logo on the CG. So I finally tried Signal RGB and at least I was able to control the fans again. So now I jkust would like to recover my aorus logo and my back leds on the mb.
Do you have an idea that can help me ?

Gigabyte boards seem to be a bit “special” when it comes to controlling the onboard leds.
This is still being worked on with no ETA for a solution yet unfortunately.

As for the GPU, Founders Editions are not supported in general yet, but might or might not be in the future.

Thanks for your answer. It’s unfortunate that FEs are not supported. I start to think that I might have a rgb chipset problem on the MB, there are other clues that leads to it : for example the fact that the RGB fans stay on when the computer shuts down (yeah, the fans stop to spin the lights are not stopping). I’ll continue to investigate.

To fully power off the RGB of the fans, you might have to enable “ErP compliance” in your Bios options, that will shut everything down (including USB ports, so kerp in mind that you will not be able to for example charge your mobile phone via a PC USB port then).

FeuerSturm, a huge huge thanks to you. Not only this indeed made de the fans light shut down when I shut down the pc - with your explanation it was indeed expected, but, the very, very good surprise was that also FIXED my MB leds problem. When I restarted the computer, those leds just were on !
:pray: :pray: :pray:

That’s great news!

I’d call that “Gigabyte madness”, there’s lots of strange stuff going on with them,
ErP and stuff working with SignalRGB are totally unrelated, but if it works now, I’m happy! :partying_face:

GB continues to be nothing but a disappointment all around. Was a long time customer of theirs, but just isn’t worth it anymore. I hope the development team at Signal will add in the next release support for Z690