Have to login to Pro every time SignalRGB starts

Although SignalRGB is starting automatically via Scheduler when I login, it fails to log itself into signal Pro. Which would not be a problem but for the fact that I am using the Fan control ability, which means my system starts to overheat if I forget to log it in!

Is there any way to get it to remember to login? Or to enable the app to know I have bought pro or something.

I never have any issue with Signal RGB Logging in. Are you using an app that may be cleaning your history and/or cache each day like CCleaner or some other system utility?

IIRC launching the app via scheduled task with elevated privileges causes credentials not being passed on to the sign-in server. Those privileges shouldn’t be needed unless you are using the GPU Cooling experimental feature.

Nonetheless developers are trying to figure out a way to make that possible without breaking the process for everyone else.

I am using the GPU feature, but I’m not sure it is giving me much so I guess turning that off is the way to go. I will give that a try and see what happens and maybe revisit later.

I’m planning to move the fans from their current controller to a new one fairly soon so that might change things too. (not the GPU ones I might add :wink: )