Drop CTRL V2 QMK bottom no bottom edge underglow

I have the Drop CTRL V2 QMK mechanical keyboard. For some reason the bottom edge is not lit. This is super disappointing since I have an acrylic wrist rest that is lit up really cool when those LEDs are working. If I paint the LEDs individually, those LEDs light up fine from that. So I know the hardware works. Also, If I change the addon branch to “needs-testing” then the bottom edge does light up. But then everything is all glitchy. Things are fully lighting up, but in the wrong places.

If it helps, I do get errors in the console. (main branch)

wassup @FlockOfThese, consider joining this Discord Server, getting the QMK role and ask for help in the chat

I fixed it. I just started poking around in the plugin code, and was just messing with things till I figured out the problem. Its the key positions. There are 7 rows. But they start at row zero and the bottom has the locations at 7 still. Because the rows start at zero, the bottom row should be 6. I change those coordinates to 6 and it works fine.

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