Drop CTRL QMK Flashing Instructions

Instructions for flashing Massdrop CRTL with Signal RGB Firmware:

You are responsible if you brick your keyboard!

Note: This will override any custom keymaps you have made!

  1. Grab a paperclip or other small object as you will need this later.
  2. Download firmware for your keyboard from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bpmfb5bu37qg1sq/AACtKdbnyHkbIf3kmZE2q2sla?dl=0
  3. Download Massdrop Loader from: https://github.com/Massdrop/mdloader/releases/download/1.0.6/mdloader-Windows.zip
  4. Create a new folder named Massdrop, and extract the firmware and the mdloader executable into the newly created Massdrop folder.

  1. Press Shift + F10 in the Massdrop Folder and click “Open PowerShell window here”

  1. You should now be greeted with a PowerShell window. Paste this command into the powershell window and press enter to run: ./mdloader --first --download massdrop_ctrl_default.bin –-restart
  2. You should now be greeted by the above message. If you are not, make sure that you followed the instructions correctly. Find a paperclip or other small object. Use the object to press the pinhole on the back of the board (shown below).

  1. If a message like the one below appears, you need to run the command again.

  1. A message like the one below should appear and your keyboard is now successfully flashed with SignalRGB compatible firmware.

The image above point 6 is missing. What would it say please? I’m hesitant to try this without knowing what the successful message should be before I press the little button with a paperclip. Cheers

Found it in the video. Here’s a screengrab in case anyone else is wondering. Thanks!