Drop CTRL QMK Flashing Instructions

Instructions for flashing Massdrop CRTL with Signal RGB Firmware:

You are responsible if you brick your keyboard!

Note: This will override any custom keymaps you have made!

  1. Grab a paperclip or other small object as you will need this later.
  2. Download firmware for your keyboard from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bpmfb5bu37qg1sq/AACtKdbnyHkbIf3kmZE2q2sla?dl=0
  3. Download Massdrop Loader from: https://github.com/Massdrop/mdloader/releases/download/1.0.6/mdloader-Windows.zip
  4. Create a new folder named Massdrop, and extract the firmware and the mdloader executable into the newly created Massdrop folder.

  1. Press Shift + F10 in the Massdrop Folder and click “Open PowerShell window here”

  1. You should now be greeted with a PowerShell window. Paste this command into the powershell window and press enter to run: ./mdloader --first --download massdrop_ctrl_default.bin –-restart
  2. You should now be greeted by the above message. If you are not, make sure that you followed the instructions correctly. Find a paperclip or other small object. Use the object to press the pinhole on the back of the board (shown below).

  1. If a message like the one below appears, you need to run the command again.

  1. A message like the one below should appear and your keyboard is now successfully flashed with SignalRGB compatible firmware.

The image above point 6 is missing. What would it say please? I’m hesitant to try this without knowing what the successful message should be before I press the little button with a paperclip. Cheers

Found it in the video. Here’s a screengrab in case anyone else is wondering. Thanks!

The Dropbox link above doesn’t work. It says the file has been deleted. Are there updated instructions for flashing the Drop CTRL keyboard?