Coolermaster CK720 not working

My coolermaster CK720 keyboard is showing up in Signal but is stated as not supported.
Website says its supported but its not working.

Running latest beta version.

Can you get me your model Product ID?

CK720 Cooler master Vendor ID: 0x2516 Product ID: 0x016b

Mouse MM712 : Cooler master Vendor ID: 0x2516 Product ID: 0x01b7

CoolerMaster_CK720_Keyboard.js (4.4 KB)

Can you try the attached file, please?
Place the file on Plugins folder: and restart SignalRGB

As for the Mm712, I have already checked data for it and looks like there’s only modes that saves to flash, that mean we can’t support it, I believe that was done to span the battery life since its a wireless model.

Signal RGB is showing the keyboard at the devices section now. Only RGB is not working. Just static light. At console its showing the message: HID handle invalid, confirm that the protocol type selected is HID.

Can you save the log to a file and attach it here?

CoolerMaster CK720.snapshot.txt (23.8 KB)

CoolerMaster_CK720_Keyboard.js (4.4 KB)
Can you send the console with this new file?

CoolerMaster CK720 (1).snapshot.txt (1.7 KB)

CoolerMaster CK720 (2).snapshot.txt (3.2 KB)

newest version of log

CoolerMaster_CK720_Keyboard.js (4.4 KB)
Try this one

nope still not working :weary:
CoolerMaster CK720.snapshot.txt (2.9 KB)

Well, looks like the same code for 721 doesn’t work on your model, do usb capture and I’ll take a look later.

1- Install Wireshark and the USBPcap module
2- Start capturing your USB
3- Open the manufacturer’s software
4- Select the mode to change the device zones to a single color and the color we want is Light Blue: #2FACED
5- Optionally set a single zone or key to one of those colors while the rest is black
6- Close the manufacturer’s software
7- Stop the capture on Wireshark and save the capture
8- Create a new Issue tracker and attach the capture file along with the device info: Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab (editado)

thanks for now. Ive made the capture.

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