Arctic RGB Controller

So I got an ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 RGB. With this AIO, I got an RGB controller with it, but SignalRGB doesn’t seem to wanna detect it. Will there be any support in the future or is there something I have to do to make it get detected by SignalRGB?

As far as I remember, that controller uses a serial usb connection and doesn’t even show up in the “Device Information” list in SignalRGB, so there’s currently nothing that could be done if that’s the case.

You can click the “settings cog” bottom left of your SRGB window and hit “Device Information” and upload a screenshot of that page so we can check.

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ohhhh, I see, well that’s a little unfortunate. I guess I would have to use the controller from my motherboard then.

Ah, so I remembered correctly, not showing up at all.

Yes, correct, using a supported mainboard or lighting controller instead is your best bet for now.

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