Arctic Freezer iii A-RGB - wrong colours?


Just picked up an Arctic Freezer iii A-RGB. Plugged the lead into the A-RGB header on my motherboard (Asus Rog Strix X570-F Gaming).

The lights change when I plug it in, but they are displaying the wrong colours. If I plug it into the Channel 1 header, in the component config, signal rgb shows that it should be pulsing red, but it’s actually pulsing blue. If I plug it into the Channel 2 header, signal rgb shows that it should be pulsing blue, but it’s actually pulsing yellow.

If I set it to an effect which is green, the led’s all go pink.

Feels like the colour channels are wrong? Or am I doing something wrong? I have double checked that I am plugging the rgb cable in the right way round.

Thanks in advance.

Apologies, got my colours mixed up in the post above.

Set the effect to solid colour:

Set to blue → LEDs are yellow
Set to red → LEDs are blue
Set to green → LEDs are red
Set to yellow → LEDs are purple
Set to purple → LEDs are light blue


It could be the RGB order which isn’t matching the component order. Try checking your controller, you should have something like this:

Thanks, this has solved it! Was set to GBR for some reason.

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