Does Signal rgb support Deepcool SC790 controller

Hi. I have 7 deepcool cf120 Fans and 2 deep cool strips. all these argb devices link with 2 cable connector from deepcool and plug on 2 argb connector on Asrock b650 pg lightning motherboard. anyway signal rgb detect my fans like 1 fan and i can’t control each fan separately. So question is next: if i byu deepcool sc790 argb controller - can i adjust each fan independently of each other? thanks for help

Yes, but that it’s just a hub, not a controller, all devices will have replicated signal and act as one.

what about ID-Cooling HA-02? it’s also hub or a controller?

It’s also a hub, you can recognize a controller when they use a USB cable and not a ARGB connection and they don’t have too much ports.

Your best option for a controller is a Razer Controller or Coolermaster A1 Gen2 controller.

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