Nothing shows up under "library", everything is empty screens with grey balls

Hi, since the last 3 or so betas (im on signalrgb@2.3.86-beta+b6ca99a2) Nothing shows up under the “Library” tab on the left side. Free, Home, New & Updated and installed are all screens with grey balls and no actual content. Is there something I need to do to get the content back?

Edit, I reinstalled signalrgb@2.3.78+4b833fcb opver top and everything but home now has stuff in it. Home is still just little grey dots
see the pic below, all the tabs are like that. blank
I think it’s the new webview dashboard, i am on win10 and i do have webview installed so I don’t know whats going on

Hi, has this issue been fixed on your side? We suspect of something blocking Signal to load our endpoint, do you have any systemwide adblock or something?