Nanoleaf Lines stay black/off since the last updates of SignalRGB

Since the last updates of SignalRGB, the Nanoleaf Lines remain dark/off. Everything worked without problems, but when the update of SignalRGB was finished, the lines suddenly remained dark. The canvas works without problems. I have already separated the lines by “forget controller”. However, this did not help. Without SignalRGB, the lines work without problems.

I want to back this up: my shapes are linked, but stay black too since recent update.

Same for me. Re-paired them, and they’re still blank when SignalRGB is running

Edit: I’ve got the nanoleaf shapes

A FW update via the Nanoleaf app will fix the problem!

You just need to install the latest FW on your Nanoleaf device.

It will then work again.

The Bug was on the Nanoleaf side. :rofl:

4 me it is solved.

Ok, I guess it wasn’t on the Nanoleaf Side after all. Because after the last SignalRGB update, the lines remain off again. :weary:

Please fix :pray:t2: its totally annoying