Dynamic Effect?

I am trying to use the Minecraft effect and I think the idea of it is really cool but it is not working at all.

Is there anything that I am missing as far as getting it working as it should?

hi @PurpleFox32 can you elaborate on your issue? provide screenshots

Yeah… kinda? I don’t know what to do as far as screenshots but I can elaborate.

There are effects that are event based. So like when I am underwater or going through the nether portal or even when I gain experience points. None of those effects are triggering. There is also a health bar and hunger bar effect that is (from what I understand) supposed to show your health based on what you have in the game.

None of those effects are working as I am guessing they should be.

I have tried enabling the effect using a macro that I setup while in game but nothing I have done works at all.

I thought it was because I was playing modded Minecraft on a slightly older version but when I went to the latest release, nothing happened still.

Is there a plugin/addon that I need for it to work?

I will clarify that all my devices are compatible and they are working with all other effects just fine.

The Minecraft HUD have any modification?

Not that I am aware of. Whether it is modded or not it doesn’t work right.

I have played both modded and vanilla with this effect and it doesn’t make any difference.

While modded has modified the HUD (I was playing with a mod that made Minecraft look like the Legacy Console edition) I have gone to a vanilla 1.21 world with no mods whatsoever (not even optifine or anything similar) and it still didn’t do anything at all.

Are you running it fullscreen at least 1920x1080? It can’t be borderless window

I am running full screen at 16:9 1920:1080p and not borderless.