Screen Ambience with HDR settings

First off, loving signalrbg and especially the screen ambience feature but I do have one issue. It seems that when you set the monitor to HDR with ambience set it flickers every time I move the mouse. Thought it was due to my new monitor so tried it on my other one (dual monitor setup) and the same happens. I hadn’t really utilized HDR previously but if I decide to play around with it more as I start upgrading my system it would be nice to get this working properly.

Yes, that’s sadly an ongoing issue, but on the upside it’s one that’s known to devs and in their list of moles to whack.

IIRC at some point someone succesfully worked around this issue by enabling compatibily mode in SignalRGB’s video settings.

Glad its a known issue and thanks for the tip I will play around with it as a work around for now

@vermis Compatibility mode took care of it, thank you for pointing that out. Ambience mode though as much as I like it uses up quite a bit of load on my CPU so probably wont stay with it though I do love the concept.

Glad it worked out .
Weird that it’d take much CPU (unless yours uses an iGPU), as you can see in my screenshot I also reduced capture framerate all the way down, my GPU (3080ti) usage is around 8% while using screen ambience.

CPU spikes happening across all my cores with core temp going from low 30’s up to 50+ on idle. Have my settings on the framerate all the way down too. Probably not hurting anything but its just extra stress that is probably not necessary except for the cool factor :slight_smile: