Corsair 5000T - How to setup?

Hello guys.

I was able to make everything in my rig works with Signal RGB.
The only thing it’s annoying me and I can’t figure out how to fix is the LED Strips around my 5000T case.
It have 2 strips on top (one left one right) also 2 in front and 2 bottom.

The original Commander that came with Case I had to remove and use a normal commander pro, So I had to remove the RGB cables that goes to the original CASE board and plug direct to the Commander core that runs my H150i.

In this setup, only the TOP strips works and 1/3 in the front.
2/3 in the front and all bottom doesn’t work.

Any ideas what to do in this situation?


To try and help you configure it correctly we would need to know which exact h150i model is your AIO and the port order in which radiator fans and those 6 strips are plugged into the commander core.

If you replaced the stock AIO fans with a different model please also include that information, and lastly describe how are those six strips wired to fit the three remaining ports.

Thanks for your time Vermis.

Let’s go to the details:
The AIO is the H150i Elite LCD, I don’t have the original fans anymore, I’m using all Lian-Li Unifan SL v2 connected direct to the Motherboard (RGB and PWM)

So…in the commander for the AIO the ONLY thing that’s plugged there is the RGB cables for the Strips Built-in in the case. (Port 1 and 2)

Since those strips are originally from the Case (I didn’t install) so here it is how it is setup:

Right Side: Top + Front + Bottom are daisy chain and have only one RGB cable to plug (That’s in the Port 1)
Left Side: Same setup.

The length of the strips are: around (need to check later at home) Top and bottom ±40cm each and front ± 50cm total around 130cm (I noticed that SignalRGB have a strip of 140cm and tried to link that device to the channel, but it works the same way as the small or the biggest in the list).

I think it’s all…

Very descriptive, thanks.

First thing would be selecting the correct pump type (Capellix or LCD) in the Commander Core’s config page in SignalRGB Devices menu; I think Capellix is set as default so you’d need to change that. It matters because those models have different LED counts and, since we can consider the pump like “Port 0” on the controller, setting the wrong model would mess things down the line even if we select the correct components as we go through the “port” list.

Since all three strips on each side are connected in series and considering this is apparently their distribution

The correct configuration in SignalRGB → Devices → Commande Core → Component Configuration
will need to be done using the Custom Strip option


So in the first “slot” we’d add a 25LED custom strip, click on the “+”, then a 30, again a 25, and repeat again for the strips on the opposite side.
Final result should be 25->30->25->25->30->25.
And that would give you separate “subdevices” for all six strips so you can adequately arrange them in Layouts.
If it still doesn’t look right, try deleting every coponent you added previously, quit signalRGB, launch it again and add the components in the aforementioned order.


Good info here! Ill try tomorrow (cant access my pc today) and Ill post update here.

Thanks! See you tomorrow :grin:

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