Black Widow V4 X

I’m new to SignalRGB and got a Black Widow V4 X keyboard for Christmas. The keyboard isn’t showing under Devices. How do I get it to work with SignalRGB?

A little more info…

I’ve plugged the keyboard into three different USB ports, USB 2 and 3. I’ve rebooted and opened SignalRGB with admin.

I’ve got seven fans, two Razor Chroma controllers, four sticks of memory, a mouse, a watercooler pump, and two Phanteks case strips working fine. The keyboard works fine with Synapse when I tested it. I uninstalled Synapse after testing so it wouldn’t interfere with SignalRGB.

Any ideas?

We don’t have the V4X on public release yet, enable beta and wait for updates, we will be adding on the next ones.